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I am Jan, the founder of the River Run Wellness Clinic.  There is nothing I love more than introducing people to the wonders of Chinese and Oriental medicine, especially those who might be a little sceptical of anything that is not Western medicine.

My Bio....


I have BSc Honours degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from one of the oldest established Chinese Medicine colleges in the UK, the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), Reading. The training is integrated meaning it combines practices from the best of complementary medicine with conventional medicine. During this rigorous 4 year course, I received training from Western trained doctors, Chinese trained doctors, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, and Midwives. This training substantially exceeds the 3,600 hours required to call myself a professional acupuncturist and received accreditation by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board (BAAB).   Contrast this with some offering acupuncture with as little as a weekend of training in needling. 


I am a professional member of the British Acupuncture Council. I am a member of the Yoga Alliance (Worldwide) who are leading the way in raising standards of yoga teaching. I am also an alumni of the Universities of Newcastle (UK) and Birmingham (UK).


I received a wealth of training in Hatha yoga and Taoist (Daoist) practices (Tao Yin, Qi Gong) from Cain Carroll (see more at the Yoga page) and study the Yin yoga lineages of Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley, Paulie Zink and Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama -a yogi and scientist from Tokyo, Japan.


I regularly write, study for my professional development, attend conferences to update my skills. I try to maintain a daily practice of yoga, mediation, breathwork and qi-gong, but I have been known to give myself time off for good behaviour!  


I live in North Hertfordshire with my husband and our large cat, Ajax.  When I am not in clinic, I can be found planning my next mountain hike or in my greenhouse, cultivating some exotic plant in the hope it might just survive the UK winter.



A more personal story...

I come from a scientific academic background, having grown up in a household where my mother was a midwife and my father an engineer. I went onto have an early research career at Durham University in Economic Development. An overseas move to Canada saw me working as a Government Advisor in innovation and then in stakeholder engagement for Oil & Gas and finally as a global advisor on grass roots educational projects to the Commonwealth.


It was in Canada that I first experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as I sought treatment for a chronic “weird pain”, which conventional Western medicine pills could not touch. After just one treatment of acupuncture, I was astounded to be pain free for a blissful few days. Being a researcher at heart, I conducted my own experiments with me as a guinea-pig and I found more treatments meant better, pain-free results, despite me “not believing” in its effectiveness.


Eventually, the opportunity came for me train in yoga teaching, I was lucky enough chose a path that was steeped in Taoist traditional practices for longevity. This opened the door for me to return to study my first love, biology and the human body, through the scholarship of Chinese Medicine.



The very individualised nature of Chinese Medicine means that every clinic day can be different. No two people’s conditions are the same. Diagnosis is through an engagement with you as a person and not as a condition, and treatment often puts the patient back in the driver’s seat of their recovery, as there are minimal side effects compared to some Western treatments. That said I enjoy working alongside colleagues in a Western setting as both systems can strongly compliment each other, as acupuncture can sometimes increase the effectiveness of Western treatments or lessen side effects of drugs. I am also strongly interested in research into using acupuncture to regulate the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological response and alleviate some of the more pernicious chronic conditions appearing in our 21st century.


Whether it be helping patients to get pregnant or getting them walking again, I am astounded nearly every clinic day at the simple results acupuncture and yoga can achieve.  So get in touch, I'm always happy to discuss your specific needs and introduce you to the wonders of such a versatile medicine.


















Fig. 1 Stress and psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology axis (ANS: autonomic nervous system; HPA: hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal; IL-6: interleukin 6; RAA: renin-angiotensin-aldosterone)  Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5460476/

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With Best Wishes For Your Wellness,



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